Retail software is not a typical part of large ERP and a simple POS software is not enough. Both of them are not capable of fully excercising maximum control over the point of sales transactions happening in the retail stores.


Our retail software and ERP solution provides a complete solution . The resultant benefits are complete control over Production and optimum control over operations.


Importance of Retail

  1. Retailing shapes the lifestyle of people
  2. Retailing contributes to the economy
  3. Retailing dominates the supply chain
  4. Retailing is interdisciplinary
  5. Retailing offers itself as an academic course.
  6. Retailers have status as employers.
  7. Retailers are gatekeepers within the channel of distribution.
  8. Retailers have scope for expanding internationally.
  9. Purchase and Inventory Management
  10. Multi-Language Support
  11. Charge Management
  12. Contract Management