Industrial Solution


Across all industries, and throughout the world, software is fundamental to service delivery, production, manufacturing and having a competitive advantage. And so it has been for decades. Advances in software have been incremental, and developed over many years. However, we now operate in a world so heavily reliant on it that we cannot simply assume its safe and consistent performance. Software is everywhere, and embedded in almost everything. It adapts and updates faster than ever before.

Increase Revenue

It is true that there is a large and continually expanding body of open source software that is highly competitive with commercial alternatives. Most of the major infrastructure software categories – database, operating system, programming language/runtime, application/web server, etc – have multiple credible offerings. It is also true that in spite of the the fact that there are a variety of costs and benefits attached to usage of this software, it is increasingly difficult for businesses to achieve competitive advantage over one another via the selection of commercial alternatives. Instead, competitive advantage is derived in how that software is instantiated, maintained and employed by people.

Key Features

  1. Patient Registration
  2. Billing and Revenue Cycle
  3. Client Management and Credit Control
  4. Client Management and Credit Control
  5. Modality Scheduling and Appointments
  6. Accident and Emergency Care
  7. Day Care Management
  8. Lab Information System
  9. Purchase and Inventory Management
  10. Multi-Language Support
  11. Charge Management
  12. Contract Management